Cancellation policy

cancellation policy for driving lessons in boston, ma

American Driving Institute, located in Boston, MA, offers possible cancellations of driving lessons. We require a 24 hour cancellation notice for all driving lessons. Monday lessons must be canceled on Friday during office hours at the latest. If proper notice is not given, the session or package fees will be charged. Cancellations can be made only during our office hours by contacting us directly. Please ensure to include the following:

  • Student’s Name
  •  Time of the lesson
  • Location of the Lesson
  • Contact Phone Number(s)

Forfeiture of Lessons Due to Tardiness

Students who are more than 15 minutes late for our driver education classes will forfeit their lesson or be subject to the session fee of the scheduled lesson. If a student does not appear for a scheduled lesson or does not have their original permit or glasses or contact lenses (if required), the session fee or forfeit of the lesson applies.

Outstanding Balance of Fees

Please ensure that all fees are paid in full. No student will be issued a certificate of completion with an outstanding balance.

Refund policy

You are entitled to a full refund on our driving lessons before instruction is given. A written request for a refund is required 24 hours prior to any scheduled service with the proof of payment, such as back and front of a canceled check or receipt, during office hours. Request for a refund must be submitted in person or by mail and must be received at least 24 hours before the scheduled services. You may also contact us online. We will issue a refund within 30 days of the request. There are no refunds after the courses or driving lessons have started. You will not be eligible for a full refund or partial refund once any instruction on a driver’s education course or any driving package has been received.


Completion of Driving Lessons Time Frame

All services must be completed within one year of enrollment. After one year, money is non-refundable and services are forfeited.