Driver training

Driver's Education Classes in Boston, ma, for beginners

As your teen approaches driving age, it’s time for you to start thinking about road safety and preparedness. At the American Driving Institute, we offer instruction to novice drivers that emphasizes road safety, proper driving technique, attentiveness, and knowledge of the applicable laws. We are one of the area’s largest driving schools, and our driver’s education classes in Boston, MA, are an ideal starting point for beginners. We offer hands-on training that allows teens to practice what they’ve learned behind the wheel in a supervised setting. Our effective course of training includes:

  • 30 Hours of Classroom Time
  • 12 Hours of Driving Lessons
  • 6 Hours of Observation
  • 2 Hours with Parents

Preparing Your Teen for the Driver's License Test

Students aged 16 and up are eligible to enroll in our classes. Our instructors are available to pick up and drop off students at home or another location of your choice. Instruction focuses on driver training basics, including road safety, street signs, turn signaling, maintaining proper distances and speeds, and more. These comprehensive lessons help to ensure that student drivers are prepared to pass the driver’s license test. Students may take the driving test with us; we encourage that anyone electing this option first completes our driver’s education course. Upon passing the driver’s test successfully, we issue a competency certificate that the student may then take to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to obtain a license.

Everything Your Teen Needs to Know on the Road

Each of our licensed instructors is highly trained and knowledgeable. They must pass rigorous pre-employment qualifications before commencing their training in our program. Our training ensures that all instructors have mastered the appropriate teaching methods, traffic laws, rules and regulations, and defensive driving techniques. In addition to beginner’s classes and road tests, our instructors offer retraining courses. Single lessons are available for students who require additional one-on-one practice. Combined, we bring over 20 years of professional driving instructor experience to our students.

discounted driver education packages

 Our mission is to promote road safety and awareness among drivers of all ages. To this end, we make our driving instruction services as affordable as possible. We accept all major credit cards and offer competitive rates. Ask us about our discounted education packages. Special package pricing is available for:

  • Driving Lessons
  • Driver Education
  • Road Test Services
  • Retraining Programs
  • Retraining for Adults 

Contact us to sign up for our driving classes. We serve novice drivers from throughout the Greater Boston, Massachusetts, area. 

Contact us to sign up for our driving classes. We serve novice drivers from throughout the Greater Boston, Massachusetts, area.